Today’s world is an “at your fingertips” society. The average individual expects to be able to learn whatever he needs to know, in a second through whatever device he has access to at that very second. Usually a smartphone.

Businesses today need to be online. They need to be available at a moment’s notice for an individual to use a search engine to get whatever information or criteria they can about anything that business is selling, whether it is a product or a service. Honestly, if a business is not using technology to advance, they are going to soon be closing their doors.

I personally do 95% of my business online. I shop daily for deals, sales, clearance merchandise, as well as searching for the latest and greatest in whatever interests me. It is so convenient for me to just pull out my phone, find an app or Google for whatever store I am going to hit that moment, search it and buy whatever I want, right from my phone. There is no line to wait in, no having to go anywhere, and they bring it right to my door. And to justify the cost of shipping, with today’s gas prices, sometimes shipping is cheaper. And I can shop stores that may not be in my area.

This situation used to just be younger generation scenario. However, with the wave of technology and the older generation wanting to keep in contact with the younger generation, the elders are learning to be more technological.

Nashville is not a small town. It is known all over the world. It is a tourist attraction as well. When people get ready to travel, they do extensive search on the internet for whatever is in the area. They are looking for lodging, places to eat, and entertainment as well as places to shop. If a business can’t be found through an internet search, they are more likely to get passed over, losing potential business and eventually what could thrive, will end up dying instead.

Technology is not just a business advancement tool, it is detrimental to the life or death of any business, not just in Nashville, but anywhere in the world.